About Felix

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: New York, NY

Marketing Services Offered: Call lead generation

Pros Served: A variety of local businesses (including locksmiths, veterinarians, towing companies, plumbers, chiropractors, physical therapists)

More About Felix: Felix is a high-tech call lead generation company that specializes in local advertising. Their goal is to help small businesses get quality leads.

Felix doesn’t just drive calls to your business. Felix’s technology analyzes each call and transcribes the content. By analyzing the calls, they can determine what’s junk and what is a real lead. You only pay for the calls from prospective clients.

Felix Questions & Answers

How does Felix work?

Felix uses advanced technology to improve upon traditional pay-per-call advertising. First, Felix places advertisements for your business in different places around the web. When a consumer is interested in your business, they can call you directly.

Felix’s technology analyzes each call to help filter out calls that are not relevant to your business. You only pay for quality consumer leads. Every call is recorded, transcribed, and stored in one central location. This helps to simply the follow-up process. You can also keep track of your budget and measure the success of your sales process.

Do I have control over the leads I receive?

You decide what type of leads that you’re interested in. If you’re a house painter, you will get calls from consumers interested in hiring a local house painter. If you’re a physical therapist, you will receive leads from people in your local area who are considering physical therapy.

How much do Felix leads cost?

Prices vary based on the type of services you provide. Generally speaking, Felix charges a fixed fee for each lead. You will not be charged if you get a call from a telemarketer or a wrong number.

How do I join Felix?

All you need to do is click the sign-up button below. We will connect you with a Felix representative.