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Brightview Cleaning  

16005 Kenny Rd. - Laurel, MD 20707

Mike Goeller - 301-850-1191  


My Expertise
I am a national instructor for the Window Cleaning Resource Association and Pressure Washing Resource Association, as well as the Acclr8 program on Window Cleaning. Additionally, I regularly speak and teach at many industry events nationally. I have been certified by powerwashing university, future of cleaning, UAMCC, as well as mentoring under the best in the industry for window cleaning, power washing, and roof cleaning.

Deck or Porch - Clean, Seal, Stain or Waterproof
Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch - Clean and Seal
Gutter Cleaning
Pressure Washing - Commercial
Pressure Washing - Residential
and more...

Years Experience

Maryland Business License

Liability 2 million Workers Comp MD State Limit Commercial Auto 1 million

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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: I would say, educate yourself. For example, when it comes to roof cleaning and powerwashing, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Unfortunately many companies don't take the time to learn the right way. The damage that can be done to your roof and property can be pretty great. Expertise and experience count. Find a company who will take the time to explain the how, and why of what they do. Taking the time to educate you. Don't go with someone who is pushy and all about, closing the job and getting it done. A good company will have plenty of work in our area, and won't be desperate for work. Which brings us to the next thing. Plan ahead. Try to schedule your window cleaning, power washing, roof cleaning at least 3 weeks before you need it. This way you can wait for the good companies to come. The new guys in the industry are usually not booked up, and so if you are in a rush you often get one of the new guys, who are still learning and making mistakes. You don't want someone, learning on your property, as this can become costly. Having said that, many companies, like ours can accommodate rushed needs on a limited bases, by moving other customers who are not in a hurry, and/or moving commercial projects that are not time sensitive. It is still a lot easier both for the companies, and you if you can plan ahead and schedule early. I would recommend looking at reviews. Actually, not just reviews, but also are there video testimonials? Some companies make fake reviews, but having real customers in front of their home tell you about their experience helps, as these would be much harder to fake. Do they have a guarantee? Well every company these days seems to have some guarantee, but what is that guarantee really? Ours for example is simply put if you are not thrilled with our service or our work you won't pay. Right up to $5000 worth of work. Our guarantee is your happiness. You will be happy with our work, or you won't pay a dime. Any company can mak

Q: What is the most common type of project or service your company provides?
A: We about evenly provide the following services: Window Cleaning House Washing Roof Cleaning We also do a fair share of Gutter Cleaning

Q: In what ways is your company environmentally friendly?
A: We choose products that won't harm the environment. For example the solution we use for window cleaning has the earth friendly seal, and is approved for use in L.E.E.D buildings. It also is the only solution that was built from the ground up to leave your windows clean longer. On the powerwashing side, all of our products are environmentally benign. From the "Eco House & Roof wash" surfactant we use, to the active ingredient, it contains nothing that will harm the environment. Some companies are still using TSP, and other products like that that contain Phosphates that harm our environment. Others are treating roofs with solutions that put heavy metals into the environment. Not only is this against what the roof manufacturers instruct on cleaning, it is also environmentally irresponsible. Additionally, we as a company recycle where possible. Our washing process uses far less water than traditional blast away pressure washing. We try to quote using, google, bing, zillow, and other sources where we can get a clear view and save driving out to the many homes we quote each week. We also strive to keep our routing tight to use as little fuel as possible, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Project Gallery  
From our Family to Yours

We are a small family owned business, working hard to make your family happy. You probably are like us, tired of bad service and the run around. You'll be happy to know we've designed our business to be different. Our goal is to give you "World Class" service locally. We want to be mentioned among the likes of Zappos, and Nordstroms, when it comes to amazing service. We are not perfect (yet :-) ) but we stand behind everything we do, and never stop trying to give you a great experience.
About Us Image
Our Friendly Office Staff - Waiting to help you.

This is Wisty, and Micaiah they are our amazingly helpful office staff, standing by to answer all of your questions, and schedule your work. You will never get any sales pressure from us here. We are her to help and serve you.
About Us Image
Window Restoration - Acid Damage Removal

Years ago before the new owners took over this historic DC Building, someone had washed the building with acid. In the process they severely etched the windows. These curved historic windows, would have cost a mint to replace in an historically accurate manor. When they were doing the renovation years ago they contacted over 30 companies to find someone to fix the windows. Everyone told them it couldn't be done. When we were hired to clean the buildings windows, I offered to restore the windows. They were surprised to learn that we could do this, after they had been told it wasn't possible. The etching was so severe your fingernail would catch on the ridges from where the acid had etched. We literally sanded the damage out then buffed out the window to a new distortion free, like new, finish. The customer was thrilled as were the office staff, who could now see out of their windows. We restored over 20 windows like this.
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Slate Roof Cleaning

Years ago, Slate never got the black streaks on it, so why do they get it now? Gloeocapsa Magma, a big name for a small algae organism. The streaks are from an algae that feeds on limestone. So why has it only recently become a problem? Asphalt shingle manufactures about 20 years ago changed the formula to take asphalt out of the shingles. They replaced some of the asphalt with limestone so the shingles would still have enough weight. They also provided a food source for this algae. The algae then migrated up from the florida area where they have had it for 60 plus years. Now it could survive the winters. Once up here the algae discovered it could also feed on slate roofs too. How do you clean a slate roof? Well it is a little different than asphalt roofs. If you used the exact same method as an asphalt roof you could actually cause discoloring in the slate. You also don't want to use any high pressure means to clean it. We are experts in getting great damage free results.
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House Washing - Green to Clean

This customer thought he was going to have to paint. After we washed his siding and painted areas, he decided it could wait a few years. We love make stuff clean!
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Slippery concrete? Not anymore

Not only can our cleaning of your concrete surfaces make things look way better, it can also improve grip. Dirty concrete, especially if it has some green growth on it, can be slippery when wet. Our cleaning removes it, makes it look good, and returns the grip. Don't slip :-)
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Are your windows Dirty? These were.

Sometimes the windows are so dirty that we are even amazed at the difference.
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Courtesy, professionalism, efficiency from every member of your team, driven by your goal to over-achieve the client's expectations. -Salvatore Barranca
What did we love about your service? Everything! The house siding is once again a pristine white, the shutters are a clean charcoal gray/black, & the siding looks fresh & clean too. Gives us a boost every time we look at it! Thank you for the great work, timely arrival, careful & thoughtful spraying (avoiding several areas as we requested). Also appreciate the clean shed siding--looks new again. - B Canning
Everyone was so friendly and courteous. They took pride in their work. They took extra time to get the most difficult parts. I got so many comments on the work they did. I was happy! - Miriam Jamison
Courtesy, professionalism, efficiency from every member of your team, driven by your goal to over-achieve the client's expectations. -Salvatore Barranca
How We Charge For Our Services
Deck or Porch - Clean, Seal, Stain or Waterproof
- $0.75 to $3.00 per square foot
We don't strip, or stain decks, we just clean them. Our cleaning process is designed not to strip any stain present. Several factors go into the pricing including what the deck is made of, what the railing material is made of, access issues, and number of stairs leading up to the deck. These variables combine to create the pricing.

Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch - Clean and Seal
- $149.00 to $600.00 fixed fee - flat rate
We don't seal concrete, but we do clean it. Many factors are taken into account, including square footage, access, soiling, stain removal, combined services discounts, etc...

Gutter Cleaning
- $135.00 to $489.00 per cleaning
We look at several factors like how many ladder sets are needed, House / Building height, The tree coverage in the area, whether or not their are gutter guards, and other access issues. We charge more if there are gutter guards present because they make cleaning much harder.

Pressure Washing - Commercial
- $150.00 to $400.00 per hour
We leverage very high end professional equipment to accomplish in an hour what other companies often take 6 hours to do with lesser equipment. The equipment and knowledge needed to operate such level equipment is leveraged to create a seemingly high hourly rate. However we are often less then other companies, and we do a better job.

Pressure Washing - Residential
- $389.00 to $1,100.00 fixed fee for home exterior (1,500-2,000 sf home)
- $150.00 to $550.00 fixed fee for driveway
- $189.00 to $389.00 fixed fee for deck (approx. 250 sq. ft)
We offer different levels of service, a basic, deluxe, premium, These services have a wide range of price.

Roof - Cleaning
- $750.00 to $1,400.00 per visit (typical one story house)
- $850.00 to $1,600.00 per visit (typical two story house)
There are many factors that go into the pricing of roofs. Peaks, valleys, hips, pitch, square footage, safety considerations, landscaping, ladder sets etc. We warranty every roof we do, and often return within 3 months to rinse down lichen that have now died and can be rinsed without pulling roof granulars off. We have some of the most experience of any company in the area. Our owner is an instructor and has taught many of the companies in the are and nationally how to safely and properly clean a roof.

Window - Washing and Cleaning
- $5.50 to $12.00 per pane (inside and outside)
We offer different levels of service: basic, deluxe, premium. We look at the project as a whole and have built a sophisticated quoting software that takes many factors into account.

Window Washing - Commercial
- $2.00 to $25.00 per window
Regular store front windows can be as low as $2 a window. High large windows that require lift access and specialty skills can run as much as $80 for a window. Many factors go into the equation.

* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by Brightview Cleaning. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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