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1961 The Alameda - San Jose, CA 95126
The Most Potent All-In-One Health Enhancer on the Market!

Steve Ramona - 408-205-9865  


My Expertise
I have been in the Healthy/Fitness field for over 30 years. I have owned health clubs for 21 years. Our clubs were based in the San Jose area. I have been a personal trainer and nutrition counselor for 5 years.

Health & Wellness - Consultants

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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: Make sure the supplement you are buying is certified to have what the bottle says it has. 85% of supplements do not have the ingredients they say they do.

About Us  
91 year old been on our product for 1 year  

Ralph has been working out 3 days a week since he has been on our product. His Doctor has told him to stop taking medication for Iron which he has been taking for 10 years. Quality of life has increased 50%. So we know if it can help some at 91 what can this do for you?
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This tells you no matter what age you can benefit from BioGenesis. More energy, sleep better, clarity of mind, pain gone, stiffness gone, and by the way he lost 40 lbs because he works out more.
How We Charge For Our Services
Health & Wellness - Consultants
- $30.00 one time charge to join program
We use a Credit Card services

Chris has been type diabetic for 12+ years he started on Bio Genesis July of 2015 the first thing he noticed was an increase in energy. We travel to Hawaii when we first tried it and on the 3 day of the trip Chris’s cut his toe very badly and he was very concerned about healing. He then took a few extra Bio Genesis and he said he and never healed up so fast. This was a big deal to him. The other thing that Chris has experienced since trying Bio Genesis is that his sugar levels do not go up and down and he just doesn’t have lows he had had a problem with this before Bio Genesis. He is an umpire and feels this really helps with his inflammation after games.

Post shoulder surgery in 2014 I was taking 6-10 Advil, Aleve or Tylenol just to get through my daily routines without being in so much pain. Since I started taking BioGenesis in August of 2015, I have not touched an Advil, Aleve or Tylenol.
BioGenesis has truly helped keep me pain free"

“My 11-year-old son hurt his foot in flag football. I gave him 6 Biogenesis that night. In 48 hours his foot pain was gone and he is back playing football”

“Look what BioGenesis did for me!! Seriously now 58 and on my 7th year of consistently taking BioGenesis, i am off the Advil playing water polo, surfing and weight lifting. I recovery like in my late 30's. Read the science, check out the testimonies, take the challenge, feel the difference, its proven, it works.”

““Hi, Steve - thanks for the follow up. I've been waiting to contact you till I have a few more days of experience. Here's what I can tell you... I clearly have more energy, I'm less clumsy - not dropping things as much so reflexes seem better, sleeping better, digestive tract may be better”
You think she is feeling better!

“Man, I'm a pretty skeptic person so for me to say this is huge. I really feel a difference on your guys' product. I have had a big problem with general sluggishness lately, and these last four days I've felt like I could train all day and the soreness is minimal. Normally I'm absolutely wrecked by Saturday.”
* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by Gyv/BioGenesis. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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