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PO Box 161995, - Sacramento, CA 95816
Wealth Builder Direct
By Vicente Galindo
IF&PC LLC and VBG TRUST Works Directly with Top Banks to Issue Corporate Bonds to Assist your Financing. We are building our own city:

Vicente Gailndo - 9165886539  


My Expertise
Professional Commercial Realtor & Developer Services

I. Individual Experience:
a) 18 Years - Residential Realtor
b) 5 Years - Commercial Realtor
c) 2 Years - Commercial & Residential
II. Group and Corporate Experience
a) Mining - 50 Years
b) Petroleum Production &
Development of Oil Derivatives - 25
c) Residential Development - 75 Years
d) Commercial Development - 40 Years
Completed 1,500 Projects from
Ground Up to Turn Key Delivery
e) Medial Research - 10 Years
f) Pharmacy Development - 10 Years
g) Logistics & Corporate Structures -
5 Years
h) Secured Party Creditor & Creating
Sovereign 500B+ Bonds
Development with Sovereign Legal
Guarantee - 15 Years
i) Commercial & Common Law Liens -
10 Years - Executed over 3,000
j) 100% Private & Public Debt
Liquidation - 2 Year.


Business Brokerage & Consulting
Finance - Angel Investment
Financial Advisors - Asset Management
Financial Advisors - CFO Services
Financial Advisors - Stocks & Bonds
and more...

Years Experience
Residential & Commercial Realtor


Chemical Engineering & Mathematics, REAL ESTATE
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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: We will support those that take themselves a serious responsibility to do Commercial Development with a Unique and Professional of the most Excellence Design & Timing. Your Initial Investment is estimated under $50k and will support your Licensing to use your own Treasury Funds. This is a process and we will only deal with Professional, Experience, Mature Individuals that can Commit to a 90 to 180 day process.

Q: What is the most common type of project or service your company provides?
A: JV Financing at 35% to the Investor, Minimum Participation is $27,500, Maximum is $525k Safe Guranteed and with Maximum 65% ownership. We have all the Experience, Real Estate Development Experience, and the Funding.

Q: In what ways is your company environmentally friendly?
A: 100% and in Fact we are building a city that will embrace this philosophy

Q: What would you like your customers to know about your company?
A: Working with Vicente B Galindo Trust to help the Public get $250 Trillion in IRS Refunds

Q: What is your company best known for?
A: Development of Commercial Real Estate & Helping Folks build wealth?

Q: What separates your company from the competition?
A: Over 120 years experience in Commercial Real Estate Development

Q: Does your company offer a warranty or guarantee?
A: Register your Freedom Become Secured Party Creditor, Private Banker, & Developer Training 1. "Professional Builder over 1500 Project Completed Backing" 2. "Tired of paying taxes? 3. "Tired If getting harassed by your Lender? 4. "STOP FORECLOSURE & Fine Your Lender for Damages" "Want to Open your Offshore Trust and become your own Bank?" 5. "Get Accredited to Draft Banking Instruments for up to $50B & Treasury Card" 6. "Open your Own PRESS Company" 7. "Become Attorney N Fact & Defend Violations in Tort Law" 8. "Lawful & Banking Valid Package Allow You to Fund Commercial Opportunities up to 100% as Principal (subject to experience & Our Sponsorship) & More...". ***Discounted Pricing: $7,500 open Registration until 03/10/2017 Through 03/30/2017 for the Year Regular $12,750 Contact

Q: What questions do customers most frequently ask you? What is your answer?
A: 1. How do I make big money? Capital Investment Opportunity 1. Investment is $1.5M USD for 45 Days; $1.25M is placed in one Bank and the other is placed in 2nd Bank ( both Banks keep funds unspent and unused and both stay in deposit not less than 10 months to not more than 12 months. 2. Funds Placed into USA Bank as Savings accounts for up to one year 3. Investors keeps Signatory position until paid their funds back and they receive their return via cashier check from Principal then Bank Account is Transferred to Principal 4. Profits to Investor in 45 Days = $1.5M USD but will receive Cashier Check for $3.0M USD from Principal outside of Account owned by Principal. 5. Investor Qualifications: a) Must be experienced Investor for over 5 years b) Funds must be owned for over 90 days proven by Banker's Letter (Safe Funds Laws) c) Present Passport Current and 1 page Resume Summary c) Must cooperate with our protocols cannot alter them. d) Investor must understand their funds will be safe 6) Investors Interested in Equity Share of our Projects are Required a $3,000,000 USD Initial Investment for $6,000,000 USD payout and 10% equity Share of the first 1B of Property Values.

About Us  
Create your Own Funding!!! For Serious Folks Only!!!  

Register your Freedom Become Secured Party Creditor, Private Banker, & Developer Training
1. "Professional Builder over 1500 Project Completed Backing"
2. "Tired of paying taxes?
3. "Tired If getting harassed by your Lender?
4. "STOP FORECLOSURE & Fine Your Lender for Damages"
"Want to Open your Offshore Trust and become your own Bank?"
5. "Get Accredited to Draft Banking Instruments for up to $50B & Treasury Card"
6. "Open your Own PRESS Company"
7. "Become Attorney N Fact & Defend Violations in Tort Law"
8. "Lawful & Banking Valid Package Allow You to Fund Commercial Opportunities up to 100% as Principal (subject to experience & Our Sponsorship) & More...".
***Discounted Pricing: $7,500 open Registration until 04/02/2017 Through 04/15/2017 for the Year
Regular $12,750 Contact
About Us Image 1
JV Funding  

JV Funding - First Review Our Site
Requirements for Principals: "this is your first step"
1. Pay All Your Debts with
2. POF $17,500.00. USD. We will provide Proof to Trust Ownership & Funds in Reserve
3. REALTOR Exclusive RE Representation for 1 Yr. to VBG Agent &(auto-renewal for 10 years)
4. 2yr+ Business Owner Or Owner 4+ or more Properties in the past 10 years.
5. Clear & Not to Exceed 1000 Words Written Real Estate Goals next 5 Years.
6. We underwrite for Zero Payment to you and Zero Risk to the Business (Exclusive Methods)

Requirements for Property:
1. CAP% Net 7% or Better after Cost to Upgrade or Build.
2. Property Area: California to Start and Limit is Inside USA
3. Cost to Build Or Purchase/Rehab Over 1M, Max 3.5Billion
4. Property types: a) Apartments, b)Mix-use, c) Gas Stations, d) Supermarkets, e) AAA Business
Buildings, f) Manufacturing, g) Large Community Projects Industria
About Us Image 2
Pay All Debts 100% Legally $7,500 can Pay Upto $240,000.00 USD (..Option to Qualify for More)  

Register your Freedom Become Secured Party Creditor
"Professional Builder over 1500 Project Completed Backing"
"Tired of paying taxes?
"Tired If getting harassed by your Lender?
"STOP FORECLOSURE & Fine Your Lender for Damages"
"Want to Open your Offshore Trust and become your own Bank?"
"Get Accredited to Draft Banking Instruments for up to $50B & Treasury Card"
"Open your Own PRESS Company"
"Become Attorney N Fact & Defend Violations in Tort Law"
Lawful & Banking Valid Package Allow You to Fund Commercial Opportunities
up to 100% as Principal (subject to experience & Our Sponsorship) & More...".
Discounted Pricing: $7,500 open Registration until 03/10/2017.
Regular $17,500 Contact


About Us Image 3
The New Era of Wealth Is HERE - Order Your Certiifed Treasury Reserve Notes (Backed by 170,000.5 MT)  

This is a Real and Serious Disclosure to the Public:

The Federal Bank Reserve Notes (FRNS) are collapsing - you notice this since almost everything you are purchasing today is more expensive than the years before. THINGS ARE NOT GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE RATHER OUR FRNS ARE BECOME WORTHLESS. We have strong and real Connections to World Bank and IMF that can facilitate Elements of Trust make the Transaction Easy & 100% Real. Anyone with $50,000 USD or more up to $10M can be supported for Confidential Exchange. THE BANKERS ARE NOT EVER GOING TO GET THEM!!! Please email me today or text me +19165886539 your name and email. YOU DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME ANYMORE!!! Only if you have TRNs will you be able to Receive Gold Filled Currency!!! Confidential Pricing less than 3%.
About Us Image 4
Stop Foreclosures - Your Common Law Power  

Review the Site below:
Protect Your Rights with Common Law Using Commercial & Common Law Liens

Don't be mislead - We have completed over 3,000 Commercial Liens - This is the Most powerful American Tools for Miss-Behaved Bankers Foreclosing Properties while using Criminal Procedures and Illegal Protocols!!! Enough is Enough!!! Common Law is there for last Recourse, it is the Law of God in Support to Humanity for our Basic Needs to Survival and one of the Critical is Your HOME!!! Commercial Liens can be made from 5 to 10 times for the Amount of Mortgage.

If you are loosing your home call me Immediately (916) 588 6539, I am a Secured Party Creditor and I can facilitate the legal power you can stop your Foreclosure today - Don't worry Attorneys know Corporate Law and are sort of ignorant in this discipline...we are experts and k
About Us Image 5
Project Image 1 Trigger 50K Euro...Up to 50B in Funding  

$50K Entry Requires Strong Recommendation by Vicente B Galindo, Principal & Secured Party Creditor Start Fast Program @ $50,000 JV for Professional Groups Partners to IF&PC, LLC
Trader Direct - Zero Brokers - We are Compliance & Principal Company Paying
1) Client Delivers to IF&PC, LLC: Passport, CIS, & POF
( with full Banker Contact))
2) DD by Vicente B Galindo On Client and Verification of Funds
3) Client Receives Contract with Wire Instructions - 72 Hr Wire Required
4) Client Wires $50K for JV Participation with Trader ($22,500 Placed in Reserved)
5) Client Receives Confirmation of Wire & Bond Underwriting Starts next 48
hours 1
6) 35 Days Target 50B+ @ 65% to Investor for Project Funding

What does IF&PC do for you: Support the Monetization, Corporate Development & Structuring, Underwriting Approval Support to Obtain Our Banks Medallion Stamp to Fund all Our JV Commercial
Deals. Questions: +19165886539 Text your Name & Email.
Project Image 2 Minting Institute - How to Learn to Mint Your Own Currencxy  

Minting Your Own $$$

The Top & Best Way to Become Wealthy in 2016 - The Minting Institute
As a Sovereign Trust under Directors, we are full dedicated in the teaching to All Individuals that wish to take advantage of our Courses and Monetary & Minting Platform to Increase their Wealth literally as high as they set their target. Our Trust will operate as an Institute of Higher Learning and in Addition Offer to Graduates the ability to Mint their Own funds using our Private Minting Platforms and Licenses. There is great opportunity to American Citizens and Abroad to take advantage of the New Ability to Every Citizen to Mint their Own Precious Metals into Bills and Coins. The New Structures in our Finance World will be about Citizens having the Wealth in their Hands as soon as they Print their own Funds.

The Minting Institute will offer
the following Services to its members:
I. Financial Assistance to Miners with Non Recourse Loans t
Project Image 3 The Liberty and Freedom Is Essential to Our Freedom  

We believe in Free Markets and Encourage Gold Filled Currencies, Real Estate Investments, & Development.
11. Property Search Northern California
Project Image 4 We can Design up to 5 Diamond Rated ...  

*Retirement Communities More Properties Completed:

Remember we can help you from the Start and have already many satisfied customers with our business plans as well as the delivery of their projects

As Secured Party Creditor We Produce 500B in Treasury Bonds. We are building High Skill Teams and Using our Math Background we are configuring Profitable Investment Routes of Minimal Risk. Please Provide: POF($50,000.00 USD), CIS, PASSPORT, NCND (at Time of Funding)
Project Image 5 High End Investors - High Return $$$$  

Level of Investment are Per Confidence:
1. $50K USD - Funding to Monetize USA Bonds with Sovereign Guarantee. Risk Level I
2. $350K USD- Sovereign Bond Trigger & Reserve Account Growth at 24% to %500 per Year. Risk Level I
3. $1,000,000.00 USD- Sovereign Trigger, Reserve Account Growth at 24% to 1,500% per Year. Risk Level I

Definition: Risk Level I - is a Risk Level of the Most Conservative just above the Purchase of Gold and Silver
Metals. Level VI & VII is typical such as Residential Flips and Commercial Leasing.
Our Formula for Investment could be estimated best under this Mathematical Relationship:
Risk Control = 75%*Investment Capital into Risk Level I and 25* Investment Capital into Risk Level II to VII
How We Charge For Our Services
Financial Advisors - Asset Management
- $30.00 to $65.00 hourly rate
I do have experienced based consulting

Financial Advisors - CFO Services
- $35.00 to $65.00 per hour
Charge for 10 hours

Financial Advisors - Stocks & Bonds
- $35.00 to $65.00 fee only (hourly rate)
I provide the instruments and the Monetization source

Financial Planning & Investment Advice
- $100.00 to $150.00 fee only - hourly rate
I charge to provide actual investment mith guarantee returns

Loans & Lending - Commercial
- $30.00 to $35.00 fixed fee for closing costs
We do JV Financng

Loans & Lending - Residential
- 2.50 to 3.50 percent for closing costs
Figure includes bank rebates

Management Consulting
- $35.00 to $65.00 per hour
The billing varies weather I am consulting for Debt Liquidation and or Development and or the Purchase of Property and or even weather we include Property Management.

Marketing - Consultants
- $25.00 to $65.00 per hour (plus materials)
- $500.00 to $1,000.00 fixed fee - flat rate
The Cost varies weather i assist them to do a Website and or simply Email Campaign

Mergers & Acquisitions - Consultants and Advisors
- 3.00 to 6.00 percent
The Fee Involves weather I have done business with the Principals or not in the past.

Property Management - Commercial
- 3.00 to 6.00 percent of monthly rent
It depends on the Sq Ft under Management.

Real Estate Brokers & Agents - Residential
- 2.50 to 6.00 percent of sale
depending on situation, making big money for you requires for me to preform and do 200% to 500% more work....if you think short term you go nowhere folks....making big money folks mean large commissions to your broker..I am CCIM background and mathematician so I can tell you what makes money and certify it and in fact I do not need your deal i have thousands of deals myself that i can share with you that make 50% to 500% a year....I help professional and experienced investors only that understand this level of mature business.

Retail Managers & Consultants
- $20.00 to $40.00 per hour
Depending on the amount of for me last 3 days and in that process folks will understand to best use of the existing economy and further how to create their own.

Articles & Videos
Banks: Investment Security
It's hard to find good secured investments, so don't be mislead by fake offers. Trade platform investments that are truly secured require certain elements. Make certain these elements are present before you invest to ensure the safety of your investment.

Raising Funds Goes First...
How does a Commercial Lender Differ from a Private Equity Funder?

Legal Platform Practices
Security and Control by Clients

Our contacts are Real and Operating some over 30 years...After you introduction on Proof of Funds we can facilitate references and other details...Our Company is represented by and Attorney and is Paymaster to our Company. Our Principals Funders have been in business for collective 25+ years and have strong References from HSBC London & Swiss, Scotland Bank, Credit Swiss, Deutsche Bank, Barkley's, and many others....You will receive those verification when we engage.

Our Most Critical Testimonials are your Owner Banker who will guarantee your Wire or Swift to My Principals.
Nobody does that in the Market Except 20 Mayor Operators in the World that have the Connection and Funds to back all our Proposals and Protocols...It is time Mr. Broker to realize you might have been wasting your time with fake sources since nobody can support their Protocols. Email me to talk about

Raise Capital for Project, Minimum Participation $125K up to $250M USD
Profits from 17%/month and up to 200% / month.
* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by VICENTE BAUTISTA GALINDO TRUST. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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